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Here's an example of a Swing application that uses steelme:

pavlov screenshot


steelme-0.1.3 released 30 May 2004. This release includes minor code changes and significant improvement to the documentation and demo program. steelme-0.1.3 requires Java version 1.5.0B1 (tiger) or later.

New links on the navigation bar to the left can take you directly to the source code and other distribution files in the CVS repository, as well as the Pavlov Theme Exchange, where you can upload your themes and download those submitted by other users.

What is steelme?

steelme is an open-source theme manager for Java Swing programs. It allows the end user to select from pre-installed themes, or color schemes, or to create his own by the use of the ThemeEditor. steelme is designed to be lightweight and easy for the application developer to use.

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